Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Personalised Services

Technology Overview

PROBLEM GENERAL CHALLENGES ● Data noise : useless and distracting information ● Data dispersion : users lose control of their data to internet companies, e.g. Google, Facebook ● Privacy and security threats : identity theft, fraud ● Lack of personalisation and relevance : inappropriate push ads leading to increase use of ad-blockers HEALTHCARE CHALLENGES ● Rising levels of lifestyle-related conditions : obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, mental health ● Increasing costs : rising healthcare costs and poor health create an economic drag on society ● Hospitalisation : need to shift focus to community/home care and health promotion SOLUTION AVATR is machine learning at its most personal. Rather than rely on assumptions and deductions made from data sourced from millions of users, AVATR deploys classical Artificial Intelligence(AI) and proprietary data processing technologies so that the solution depends only on one source of data : the single user. AVATR is a digital version of the user - it serves as an ‘inner voice’ and lifestyle observer, nudging the user to helpful experiences and real-world discoveries that will be of interest and helpful to the user. As a lifestyle enabler, AVATR is designed to keep up with the users - and everything that changes around them - so that it can predict needs and connect to meaningful experiences.

Technology Features & Specifications

What is AVATR? AVATR enables a person to create their unique digital profile reflecting their own affinities and sentiments. A person can share this profile with others to discover meaningful experiences, and to find a match with products, services or other AVATR users. AVATR replaces search with serendipity through its unique matchmaking algorithm. The digital profile is held locally on the user's own device, allowing individuals to gain control over how their own personal data is used.

Potential Applications

AVATR Use Cases Sectors that need to deliver personalised services to users include retail, hospitality, healthcare, Fintech and education. As a unique consumer-to-business (C2B) model, AVATR facilitates a more responsive relationship between business and consumers, and enables businesses in these sectors to personalise their services to meet the needs of each individual consumer. There is development of three healthcare/health promotion demonstrators: ● ECG monitor:AVATR provides tothe provision of CE-graderemote cardiac monitoring and clinical services of device used in Singapore. ●AVATR-based services to promote health for older people in Brazil. ● AVATR-based services to promote health for older people in the City of Shanghai.

Customer Benefits

AVATR is an Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology platform that builds up a detailed picture of a user (via numerous data points from social media, wearables, medical devices, geo-location) to give the user unparalleled levels of personalization and data privacy. With AVATR the user owns and controls all their data, which they can choose to share with others (e.g. retail, healthcare) to receive more personalized services/products in return. The technology works to unobtrusively enhance the user experience, as well as help service providers to deliver personalised services, attract and keep customers. Avatr is also a potential technology solution for sectors such as healthcare, which would benefit with an enhancement that enables personalised care and services.

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