Artificial Intelligence ChatBot

Technology Overview

Artificial Intelligence ChatBotadds intelligence to perform tasks such as those in call centers, reservation, and counselling by applying language processing, big data technology and deep learning technology. It consists of an API method that can be easily linked to the customer’s platform. The product is scalable with voice recognition and IoT interworking, supporting multiple languages and can be built with cloud technology. Incorporating more in-depth analysisallows for deeper analysis, allowing businesses to better understand the needs and complaints of their customers. By dramatically reducing the time and number of customer handling times, enterprises can save money. Users can also increase trust intheir business with fast, accurate handling.

Technology Features & Specifications

Integration of Big Data and Deep Learning Technologies Advanced language processing and sentence recognition Smart management system configuration Flexible conversations using compact engine and deep learning Expansion of video analyticswithdeep learning technology Extended speech recognition Docker application, ease of deploymenttocloud 8. Applicable to various industries and services. 9. Easy interfaceallows forconvenience.

Potential Applications

Expansion into diverse industriesand service areas where demand for consultation is high and obtaining data is easy 1. Onlinemarketplaces, call centers, &counseling services 2. Knowledge consultingeg. finance, medical, legal 3. Reservation serviceseg. hotels, resaurants, airline, travel agencies 4. e-Commercesupport serviceseg product inquiries, orders, payment

Customer Benefits

1. Flexible analysis throughdeep learning:Analyze the sentence of morpheme unit for the sentenceentered by the user and grasp the semantic through the data-centric deep learning model. 2. Understanding complex sentences and classifying sentences:Extract object names for key words for complex questions rather than simple queries. 3.Understanding of user's intended sentence: In the learning process, it is possible to grasp the meaning of sentences that are not explicit, through the user's sentence patterns. 4.Improving intelligence through additional learning and reinforcement learning:Dynamically incorporate additional expressions or considerations into the configured deep learning model

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