Asset Tracking using Beacons

Technology Overview

This project has implemented a platform for the user to setup a tracking project. The user can register beacons, and assign them to either equipment or locations through the web portal. An Android app is developed for users who are working in the same area. The app retrieves configurations from a server. It runs in the background to collect beacon signal whenever the mobile phone is in the location. These signals are processed and updated on the server. Other users can use the same app to find out the latest location of equipment.

Technology Features & Specifications

  • Use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons to identify location and equipment
  • Use mobile app to crowdsource the location of equipment in the background
  • Optionally use low-cost embedded module to monitor the location of the equipment in the background.
  • Location data of equipment are updated in cloud and readily available
  • Records movement history of equipment

Potential Applications

This technology is applicable for

  • Tracking of high-value assets within designated areas. By simply attaching a Beacon to every important asset, the customer can identify and monitor its location in real-time and know how often it is being used, by whom, and when.

  • Tracking of goods movement in the warehouses. Warehouses may have a constant flow of incoming and outgoing fleets of vehicles or equipment. The customer can utilize beacons to maintain real-time inventory control, tracking arriving and departing assets moving throughout a yard.

Customer Benefits

This project can help improve productivity and accuracy in tracking of important assets.

  • No manual recording of movement of equipment.

  • The location of equipment is always accurate and up to date. This reduces the time taken for service engineers to search for equipment.

  • Movement history of the equipment is available for analysis purpose, e.g. utilization of equipment.

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