Assistive Wheelchair for Transfer and Bathing System

Technology Overview

Most hospitals and Hospice care in Singapore use the help of health care workers to transfer patients or old age people from wheel chair to the bed and vice versa.  Some patient's need little assistance, while some may need extensive assistance.  It is a difficult task for healthcare professional to carry patients or aged people to transfer them from one equipment to the next.  Assistive Wheelchair for Transfer and Bathing system is designed to provide ease of transfer, reduce labour and improving the productivity.

Technology Features & Specifications

The Assistive wheelchair for Transfer and Bathing System is :

  • able to perform 3 motions or transformation
  • water proof and it can be used for bathing. The health care workers does not need to transfer to patient to another bathing or shower wheelchair
  • able to transform from Seat Mode to Flat Bed Mode
  • able to move vertically up and down in order to level to the height of the bed for patient transfer
  • equipped with a sliding platform where it is extend towards to bed to facilitate the transferring

Potential Applications

The Assistive Wheelchair for Transfer and Bathing system will come in handy in transferring and bathing situations, by operating few switches and levers, the health care professional can able to transfer the patients or aged people from bed to wheelchair & wheel chair to the bed with ease.

Market Trends and Opportunities

  • Hospital
  • Old Age Homes
  • Household

Customer Benefits

  • Patient Transfer
  • Cut Down Manpower
  • Save Time
  • Improve Productivity

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