Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Enabled Secure Visitor Management System

Technology Overview

A Singapore company has developed an automated number plate recognition software (ANPR) that offers a cost effective solution for access control, allowing security gaurds or managements to get real-time information of vehicles. Using the latest deep learning techniques (for Singapore & Malaysia number plates), it enables management of access by authorized and restricted vehicles, recognizing number plates and sends triggers to the integrated gate controls or boom barriers. The solution helps reduce time wastage at the entry and exit points and can be integrated with CCTV systems.

When it is integrated with a Secure Visitor Management System (VMS), an easy to use registration system, the ANPR offers an advanced intelligent surveillance technology which uses optical character recognition on security camera images to read a vehicle's license plate.

Technology Features & Specifications

The solution is aligned with specified CCTV performance requirements (supported by multiple vendors) with an Edge Computer. Standalone or network connected options for the solution are available. The edge computer has the ANPR algorithm and optional VMS system. The option for API access locally or remotely into the ANPR solution is also available. 

Some features and benefits include:

  • Simple and easy to use VMS system for Security Guards on duty
  • Real time Detection and Recognition process for Vehicle License Plates, optimised for Singapore and Malaysia car plates. 
  • Reliable Performance and excellent accuracy
  • Recognition of Standard Formats for Multi-Country
  • Capture License plates and car images
  • API driven interface available from ANPR to other external solutions
  • Integrates with external hardware, specific camera and Edge Computer

Potential Applications

  • Security, Property Management, Factories, Logistic and Warehouse industries.
  • Unmaned or Virtual security access system
  • Advance car parking system
  • Car servicing system
  • Traffic monitoring system

Market Trends and Opportunities

There are ten thousand access points integration for local market.

Customer Benefits

  • Configuration for standard number plate of countries outside Singapore and Malaysia is available.
  • Generic API integration with any other system
  • Camera-independent solution
  • Field upgradable algorithm 

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