Autonomous Transporter

Technology Overview

Intelligent/collaborative robots are ideal tools for taking up mundane and laborious tasks in a manufacturing environment. Presently, there is a diverse range of robots designed for different sorts of manufacturing applications. Complementing the versatility of the technology, robots are also becoming more intelligent and safer to work alongside humans thus allowing greater productivity.

The technology offers a robotic transporter for the purpose of transporting materials within a facility. The robot uses an open-source Robot Operating System that is modular and easily configurable. Its chassis can easily fit on additional equipment such as vision systems, GPS, camera, sensors, etc.

Cost of development for the robot is relatively low to allow SMEs and researchers without robotics expertise, access to this technology. 

Technology Features & Specifications

Platform Specifications

Dimension (LxWxH): 650mm x 500mm x 370mm

Weight (with Battery): 50kg

Payload: 50kg

Construction: Modular design for easy maintenance.

Mobility: 2 active 200mm diameter drive wheels, 4 passive caster wheels.

Power: 24V D.C.

Communication: Wi-Fi enabled joystick.

Special Abilities (customisable): 6-axis with 3-finger hand or end-effectors

Operating System: ROS (Robot Operating System) based

Potential Applications

Some of the possible applications are deployment in workspaces that are hazardous to humans. Other applications include developing a modular robotics system with capabilities which can be scaled appropriately to achieve a variety of unspecified tasks, for example, cooperative mobile platform to create a production transporter chain. Other possible spin-offs are medical facility robots, warehouse robots and tour-guide robots.

Customer Benefits

The goal is to make the hardware and software development for the transporter robot more accessible to SMEs and robotics researchers, by lowering the development cost and increasing the capabilities of the robot.  This will allow SMEs and researchers without hardware/software expertise to participate in the implementation and deployment of transporter robots in manufacturing plants.  The transporter robot will be an affordable and easily assembled test-bedding platform for SME industry and the robotics research community at large.

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