Autonomous Vehicle Assisted Stock Taking

Technology Overview

Accurate accounting of inventory at a warehouse is time-consuming and adds little value to the logistics of moving goods. Yet it is unavoidable and essential in warehouse management to ensure a smooth operation during material handling and optimization of storage space within the warehouse. 

This solution automates this tedious and manpower intensive tasks with an autonomous drone, which does stock-taking with an onboard camera.

This technology is a complete drone system to be interfaced with a Warehouse Management System to assist the Logistic Sector in their Inventory Management process.

Technology Features & Specifications

  • Provides the capability to allow automation in the process of inventory stock-take using autonomous flight

  • Image Recognition Software

  • Indoor Navigation Software

  • Integration with warehouse management system for analytics

Potential Applications

The proposed technology improves the productivity of warehouse management. And this solution can also be integrated with the warehouse management system, inventory management system, etc. 

The technology is suitable for:

  • Inventory management in warehouses

  • Stock tracking and efficient management in Retail industry 

  • Warehouse management in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Customer Benefits

The technology is beneficial as it:

  • Avoid the need to suspend the warehouse for stock-taking.
  • Increase Productivity by reducing manpower and reducing human errors in stock-taking
  • Cost Effective
  • Improvement of workplace safety; able to reach high shelves faster and safer than a crew with lift trucks.
  • Stocks that are labeled with incorrect identification can be easily identified

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