The Balance Monitoring System for High Fall Risk Group

Technology Overview

Falling is the second common cause of accidental death among people over 65 years old. In addition, preventing elder people from falling is a big issue. The balance monitoring system is based on pressure sensitive insoles and amobile phoneapp that can monitor people’s balance in real-time. When people is in an unbalanced status, the app will send an alarm. The app would collect the user’s data all day. The purpose of this device is not to detect falls, but to prevent people from falling. With this device, It can reduce the rate of falling, and can also reduce the mortality rate indirectly.

Technology Features & Specifications

1. The algorithm of the system can get the balance index from the foot pressure data. 2. The insole can put be placed inside the shoes, and user would not forget to wear it because people will not forget to wear shoes. 3. The caregivers can know user’s balance status although they are not near the user.

Potential Applications

This technology is applicable in the following industries: Healthcare, Health management.

Customer Benefits

Compared to other wearable devices, this system can not only provide the information of the balance status but also the daily walking information. It also helps to lower the burden of the caregivers.

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