Banana Fiber and Coconut Coir Geotextile (BACONET)

Technology Overview

Soil erosion and land degradation are global problems that pose major issues in many countries. One of the solutions employed for soil erosion is the use of temporary, degradable geosynthetics to prevent loss of soil from the seedbed and to enhance the growth of vegetation where the vegetation alone should provide sufficient site protection once established.

Baconet is a geotextile made of banana fiber and coconut coir, and was developed to prevent soil erosion and landslide. Extraction of coconut coir and banana fiber was done using a decorticating machine. Fibers were combined manually with no chemicals added, twined into strands, and subsequently weaved into nets.

Laboratory tests were conducted and found that banana fiber and coconut coir are suitable raw materials for erosion control blanket. Field tests were likewise carried out and its performance in terms of run-off and soil loss, degradation of tensile strength, and growth of vegetation were evaluated. Results proved that Baconet possesses the properties suited for soil erosion control blanket.

Technology Features & Specifications

  • This technology utilizes banana fiber and coconut coir as raw materials which are cheap, abundant and easily available for production
  • After field exposure, the retained tensile strength is found higher than that of the commercially available natural geotextile
  • Baconet likewise facilitates significant increase in vegetation growth and reduction in soil loss

Potential Applications

  • The technology can be utilized as soil erosion control blanket and surface protection especially for sloping grounds
  • Baconet can also be used as reinforcement in pavement sub-base to improve its stability
  • The potential of the raw materials can also be considered as source of organic fertilizer and can be used to manufacture sustainable mats or cushions

Market Trends and Opportunities

According to several reports, the geotextile market is expected to grow to about USD 9 bn by 2022, and is largely driven by increasing infrastructure investments such as road and railways, and a majority in the Asia Pacific region.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduction in occurrence of landslide in soil erosion prone areas
  • Protection of sloping surfaces of like road cuts or mountainous areas
  • Significantly improves establishment of vegetation
  • Improves stability of road pavements
  • Reduction of waste disposal problems
  • Natural and biodegradable fibers

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