Batched Space (BATS) Code for Network Transmission

Technology Overview

Despite great advancement in wireless communication technologies in recent years, data loss during transmission is still inevitable in many communication scenarios. All existing techniques based on retransmission suffer from significant performance loss due to unavailability of feedback in wireless networks with more than one hop.

Batched Sparse (BATS) Code is an advanced network coding technology is ideal for multi-hop transmission with packet loss. BATS Code transmits coded packets in batches, which can help to compensate the network loss, and improve the throughput for multicast. Its impact is particularly evident in scenarios where feedbacks are not allowed or long delay occurs.

Technology Features & Specifications

  • BATS Code outperforms traditional techniques using retransmission or fountain codes, and can asymptotically achieve the theoretical limit
  • Compared with random linear network coding, BATS Code offers a low encoding and decoding complexity and requires a much smaller buffer size at the network intermediate nodes
  • Compared with fountain code, BATS code provides higher speed and achieves an end-to-end capacity as good as that of a lossy hop
  • We have built a wireless multi-hop network transmission protocol using BATS Code, which enables efficient communications through tens of wireless hops with dynamic link loss patterns
  • A more sophisticated protocol for large networks with dynamic link loss patterns is being developed

Potential Applications

The technology could be applied in realising smart street lamps as part of smart city development, mesh network, a wireless broadband network for city environments, as well as space, satellite and underwater acoustic signal communications. BATS code is also expected to play an important part in achieving the Internet of Things.

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