Beam Shaping LED Lamp for Street and Walkway Lighting

Technology Overview

This technology consists of a novel LED lamp placed on top of a tall building such as a HDB apartment block.  The purpose of the lamp is to illuminate the streets and walkways below.  The lamp is designed with an optical lens system that focuses light only on the stretch that requires lighting, maintaining a high lux level on the area of interest and reducing light wastage. This means that ground level lamp posts are no longer required.  This removes the need for underground cabling associated with it.  As the light comes from high above ground level and focuses only on the area of interest, this reduces glare to surrounding areas as well.

Technology Features & Specifications

The technology comprises of a LED lamp with optical system and a customised LED arrangement for the area that needs lighting. The present design is housed in a standard IP65 lamp casing. The lamp when placed on top of a 10-storey building (approximately 30 metres high), can illuminate an area of 30 metres by 60 metres. This is equivalent to replacing about 10 pedestrian lights.

Potential Applications

The LED lamp can be used to provide lighting to highly urbanised areas (such as streets and walkways) and can be easily replaced when the product reaches end-of-life.

Customer Benefits

  • Lower cost for light fitting installations as no underground cabling is required.
  • Simple maintenance.

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