Biocompatible Antimicrobial Additive

Technology Overview

The use of antibacterial antimicrobial functionalised material combined with well-established rules of hygiene enables optimal reduction of bacterial contamination. By incorporating antimicrobial function into widely used plastics, bacterial proliferation can be prevented without extensive disruption of daily life activities.

Existing technologies such as silver compounds, nanoparticles, metal ions have been widely used to incorporate antimicrobial functions to plastics. However, these face issues of toxicity and leaching, which result in their regulated and limited use.

In view of this, a biocompatible additive technology that seeks to easily impart an intrinsic property change to the bulk plastic to achieve antimicrobial functions without toxicity and leaching has been developed.

Technology Features & Specifications

The technology comes in the form of an additive that is customised to the specific polymer, application and requirements. The additive can then be homogeneously blended (~3%) directly with the main material/plastic (~97%) to deliver antimicrobial functions, without affecting the bulk plastic properties.

It can deliver antimicrobial performance of Log3 (99.9%) reduction up to Log7(99.99999%) reduction, tested according to ISO 22196/ JIS Z2801 (gram positive S. aureus and gram negative E.coli).

The technology also does not rely on silver, heavy metal, triclosan, quaternary ammonium compounds, and does not require migration of active compounds for the antimicrobial activity. It does not involve a coating.

Potential Applications

The novel additive can be customised to be incorporated into a broad spectrum of plastics such as PE, PP, PS, EPS, TPU, TPE, ABS and other engineering plastics.

Due to its biocompatible, food safe and intrinsic (no migration of active compounds) nature, it can be used in a variety of applications including:

  • Food contact applications – e.g. food packaging, shelf-life extension
  • Piping industry – drainpipe, water supply pipes
  • Medical applications
  • Mould prevention, anti-clogging

Customer Benefits

  • Antimicrobial function does not require leaching/migration of active compounds
    • No leaching to contaminate the environment
    • Functionality will not reduce over time
  • Biocompatible and non-toxic
    • No silver compounds or heavy metal ions.
    • No triclosan or quaternary ammonium salts
    • No nanoparticles

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