Biodegradable Controlled Release Matrix Tablets for Environmental Applications

Technology Overview

Using a proprietary matrix encapsulation technique, active ingredients are incorporated into a matrix made from a biodegradable polymer. Pesticides, biocides, corrosion inhibitors, enzymes, and bacteria are just some of the examples of the kinds of actives that can be encapsulated. Then the polymer is formed into tablets of various shapes and sizes. Each tablet can deliver its active ingredients into the environment over a predetermined time frame, with precisely controlled dosages to ensure the desired treatment effects. At the end of the treatment period the matrix is completely and safely degraded.

Technology Features & Specifications

Extrusion-based process Processing at ambient temperatures (20 - 30˚C) Processing at low pressures (5 - 50 psi) Ability to incorporate actives in liquid, solid, and gel states, with payloads of up to 80% Offers a high degree of release profile manipulation Encapsulating matrix is entirely biodegradable Matrix can be made porous for applications requiring buoyancy Matrix can be produced in any shapes and sizes with a regular cross section Simple and easy to scale up

Potential Applications

Agriculture - for dosing pesticides and fertilizers  Aquaculture - for dosing nutrients Oil mining - for dosing water conditioning agents  Water treatment - for dosing biocides Bioremediation - for dosing bacteria that degrades oils and fats Pest control - for dosing mosquito larvicides Home care - for dosing surfactants and fragrances

Customer Benefits

Lessens time and labour Enhances treatment efficacy Reduces consumption of actives Prevents environmental pollution Inhibits resistance development in target organisms Actives are safer and easier to handle Protects actives from environmental degradation (e.g. UV)

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