Biotech Platform for Development of Compounds for Human, Animal and Plant Health & Care

Technology Overview

This Spanish organisation leverages on Industrial Biotechnology or “White Biotechnology” techniques using microorganisms and enzymes, to obtain products of industrial interest for different sectors such as chemical, agricultural, food, feed, cosmetics and pharma.

The industrial biotech platform offered here helps to develop and optimise processes for the highest economic feasibility.

The industrial biotechnology includes three main areas:

  • Bioproduction: production of microorganisms for different applications, such as industrial starters, probiotics, etc.
  • Biosynthesis: synthesis of high added value compounds using microorganisms or eukaryotic cells.
  • Biocatalysis: enzyme production and/or biotransformation of different substrates trough enzymatic hydrolysis, e.g. production and purification of active peptides from proteins.

Technology Features & Specifications

The process development is divided in four main stages: 

1. MICROORGANISM: The starting point can be a microorganism from the in-house collection, a natural isolate or a genetic engineered strain. A functionality screening (in vitro) is performed at this point to check if the microorganism/cell is producing the desired effect or molecule.

2. BIOPROCESS (UPSTREAM): To find the optimum operating conditions to ensure an industrial process with maximum viability, intensive and extensive variables are optimized using statistical experimental design, at our lab with different reactor scales (bench, 1L, 5L, 20L, 200L).

3. DOWNSTREAM: depending on the molecule and the target purity, different physical separation (centrifugation, tangential filtration) and purification methods are applied.

4. STABILIZATION: The compound is stabilized with the appropriate method (lyophilisation, spray-drying, microencapsulation, etc) depending on the requirements of the final product.

Potential Applications

Examples of products that can be developed:

  • Agriculture: bionutrients, biostimulants, defense promoters, bioinsecticides, antagonists, bacteriophages, endolysins...
  • Food & Feed: starters for fermented foods, single cell proteins, probiotics, organic acids, enzymes, polyinsaturated fatty acids, bioactive compounds, peptides, hydrolisates...
  • Cosmetics & Wellbeing: polyphenols, terpenes, pigments, organic acids, fatty acids, fragrances, amino acids, growth factors, peptides, enzymes, polysaccharydes, bacteriophages, endolysins, pro-/para-/postbiotics...
  • Chemistry & Materials: industrial molecules such as biosurfactants, biopolymers (PHA, PLA...).

Customer Benefits

Customers can benefit from the organisation’s deep experience in the end-to-end development of bioprocesses. It is also possible to obtain significant samples for evaluation or even batches production.

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