Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Tracking Technologies

Technology Overview

GPS positioning systems have played a major role in people’s lives since the late 90’s. Today almost everyone has a device with positioning capabilities like a smartphone, tablet, GPS tracking device or a watch with built-in GPS. While the GPS revolutionised outdoor positioning, satellite-based positioning doesn’t work indoor and other technological standards have emerged that make indoor positioning possible. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is one of the latest technologies that has emerged and is becoming an industry standard on most devices. It uses BLE beacons that are inexpensive, small, have a long battery life and do not require an external energy source. The device with BLE can detect the signal from the beacon and can calculate the rough distance to the beacon and hence estimate its location. We have developed a BLE+GPS tracking Software Developer kit (SDK) for Android and iOS which is easily implementable and enables an app to track your BLE device location. The SDK also enables you to access (1) GPS coordinates of BLE devices, (2) GPS history with a timestamp, and (3) Enter/Leave event at specified location. The SDK is capable of watching for hundreds of beacons within a 30m radius simultaneously. User information which is associated with the specific BLE device, and GPS coordinates is stored in servers securely.

Technology Features & Specifications

The technology allow us to ・Detects hundreds of BLE tags “enter-exit” events simultaneously. ・Stores the BLE device’s GPS coordinates and a timestamp together with user information ・Bridges your app to our tracking server allowing accessing user information. ・Runs in the background, 24/7 with very low power consumption. ・Restarts automatically even in thecase of an OS shutdown.

Potential Applications

The potential applications of this technology as follows Logistics : Manage location of movable tools (rudder, cage, machine…etc) in a field. Nursing : Detect movement of patients and items at a specific location in a hospital. Education : Monitor childrens' locationswith an app at field trip. Security : Reduce the risk of loss and theft of equipmentfrom offices.

Customer Benefits

With the SDK, you will be capable of sending push notification when special events, such as positional relationship between the users and the BLE devices, arise in the real world.(For example, If you are an owner of a running app targeting high-end BLE running shoes, the SDK helps usersbe notifiedwhen they misplace their shoes.) Quick Implementation:Developers do not need to develop server for storing GPS coodinates. Low Initial Cost:Apps may be enabledto interact with physical world with low initial cost. SDK is totally free to use. Free Access to Huge Tracking Network in Japan:SDK users are free to access our tracking network, which is spanned across all area in Japan.

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