Body Area Network for Medical ICT

Technology Overview

Data communication with Impulse UWB technology for Medical Information Communication Technology (ICT) application was determined in IEEE standard (IEEE 802.15.6). Currently, there existsome wireless devices which transfer some vital records, however, handled data volume is very limited due to low bandwidth of the RF technology. Furthermore, some of devices do not worktogether in the sameenvironment. The nature of Impulse UWB technology is that it has very low emission power and could achieve robust communication because of ultra wide band utilization. Low emission power results in no harm to human body and no interference to medical equipment. And so Medical ICT is one of the most suitable applications area of UWB technology. By employing Media Access Control (MAC) defined in theIEEE 802.15.6 standard, an environment where different devices coexist and robust networking could be established.

Technology Features & Specifications

Impulse UWB technology utilization under IEEE 802.15.6 standard assures robust and high speed vital data transfer to the server. Transfer speed could be between 3Mbps to 10Mbps.Robust and coexisting networking topologies such as piconet configuration could be organized. Sensor devices could be any of available sensors aslong as anelectrical signal is provided.

Potential Applications

Medical ICT Body Area Network provides 24 hours vital sign recording and monitoringwith no wired connection to thepatient. Various types of vital sign recording andmonitoring prototypes were built, and aseries of trials werecarried outfor a several years with some ongoing. Monitoring devices and vital signs recorded andtrialed were Electrocardiogram (ECG), Pulse Oximeter (SpO2), Body Temperature, Blood Sugar, Weight Change. Monitoring devicesare not limited to the above, and any sensor which supplyelectrical signals could be adopted to BAN system.

Customer Benefits

Quality Of Life (QOL) improvement to patients, 24/7 vital sign recording andmonitoring without medical personnel inattendance.

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