Brand New Way To Engage With Movies

Technology Overview

Tap on movie just to play/stop it? Why not tap on the movie to get further information of it? This technology gives you brand new movie experience which connect consumer and product/service/information with NO specialised skill. In the past, if a viewer finds anexcellent product in movie, he/she firstly need search and find the product from the huge ocean called the Internet. It takes so much time and often viewer just give up finding the product. With this technology, such difficulty will not occur as viewer can directly get information through the movie. Provide opportunities tothe customer right away to experience products/services, as the saying goes, strike whilethe iron is hot.

Technology Features & Specifications

With this technology,people can make MOVING link anywhere in any movie with easy steps. Existingtechnology has made itpossible to place linksin movies. Yet the link does not move, rather be static at certain point where programmers place them. However linkfrom ourtechnology is different: 1) the link follows the movement of object until the object disappear from the screen.In short, the linkis able toMOVE. 2) the link is easy to put. Uniquely developed software allowsgenerating links even by non-programmers. 3) the link can be placed in any type of movie.

Potential Applications

1) Web advertisement - Applying this technology in web advertising movie gives direct guide to product which the advertiser wants to sell to a potential customer. Once customer interested in the product, he/she just CLICKS on that in the movie and then get information immediately. NO NEED to GOOGLE the product. Implement this technology,and advertisers willhave QUICK and DIRECT ACCESS to PRODUCTS for CUSTOMERS. 2) Electronic educational material - What makes studying is burdensome for student is the cost to find ADDITIONAL knowledge. With this technology, e-learning material can be more PRODUCTIVE and UNDERSTANABLE by putting many links to additional knowledge. 3) Electronic picture books - This technology can make guidereadersacquiring knowledgethrough an electronic picture book. This satisfies thechild's curiosity and eagerness for knowledge.

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