Building Block for Integrating White-Labeled, Interactive Dashboards into SaaS Platform

Technology Overview

We answer the increasing demand for easy and accessible data analysis tools and integration. We help companies that are shifting focus from a 'product' to a 'platform' perspective to keep their engineering strength at the core of their application, while leveraging the integration strength of payment, communication, and other off-the-shelf components.

Technology Features & Specifications

Our analytics platform is built for integration. Platform owners can offer their users a seamlessly integrated analytical experience, without users ever having to leave the platform.

There are only 3 steps to complete the integration process:
1. Connect. Assure that customers get ALL the SaaS insights they deserve by connecting to the platform owner's database, using our open API's or even by developing their own branded Plugin-connector that allows platform owners to specify all the in-house business logic.
2. Create. Platform owners may design dashboards with 40+ available filters and objects by simply drag-and-dropping them onto the canvas. They can easily switch between themes and styles or simply inject CSS style sheet to make the user's experience as smooth as possible. Additionally, dashboard objects natively filter and interact with each other which gives users the possibility to deep-dive into their data.
3. Integrate. By being tech agnostic platform owners can integrate our analytics solution into their platform, no matter what technology they use. They may reuse their authentication via temporary tokens to filter dashboards on the customer’s data.

Platform owners may benefit from interactive analytics in their own platform, with just a few lines of code.

Potential Applications

Our integrated analytics solution is applicable to multiple industries, ranging from the financial sector and government institutions to supply chain, sports analytics, HR, marketing automation and entertainment industries. 

Customer Benefits

Our main focus is on comprehensive flexibility for 1) creating and maintaining dashboards - the platform is very intuitive and with our Academy, platform owners can get up-and-running within less than 30 mins and 2) integrating dashboards within platforms - we offer quite extensive freedom on connecting data and creating customized business logic with adding filters and rules behind. In this way, the platform owner's SaaS is enabled with the lowering of the time-to-market and the development & maintenance cost of new analytics solutions.

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