Building Integrated Vertical Wind Power Generation System

Technology Overview

The technology provider has developed the next generation of wind power system that exceeds current limitations. Due to global warming and exposure incidents, the challenge of renewable energy has become a global issue. Although wind power is the most environment-friendly and efficient energy source, there are many geographical and technological constraint.

Unlike most of the horizontal wind power generations systems, the proposed system generates energy based on the vertical circulation of the wind. The system utilizes the Venturi effect and Vortex effect to maximize wind speed and output. This allows for the wind speed to increase by more than 30%. In addition, it holds many solar panels to generate more power when there is little to no wind. The efficiency rate is quadrupled compared to current wind power systems.

The technology provider is seeking for partners to conclude licensing agreement, research cooperation agreement to further develop and commercialise the technology for international markets. 

Technology Features & Specifications

  • Able to produce at least several times more electricity than current wind powered systems
  • Uses only about a small percentage of space compared to current wind powered systems
  • Environment friendly
  • Low vibration and noise
  • Low maintenance cost
  • High durability and stability
  • The generator is high in durability and estimated to show no wear for 25 years and the tower itself for 60 years. Its gearless design reduces the risk of malfunctioning

Potential Applications

The system can produce at minimum, four times as much electricity than current wind energy systems. The system has a tower-like structure for stable construction and viable locations such as rooftops or downtown areas. Other areas of application include industrial facilities, ships, and serving as a transmission tower to transfer energy. The wind power system can also be used in ares with A multipurpose functions such as residential facilities, warehouses, agricultural and livestock facilities and EV charging stations.

Customer Benefits

  • Power generation in locations with low wind speed 
  • Compact footprint
  • Environment friendly and generate low vibration and noise
  • Low maintenance cost

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