Cancer Catcher - Early detection of Circulating Tumour Cells (CTC)

Technology Overview

Our CTC technique offers a personalised early cancer detection for patients, tracking cancer metastasis, cancer relapse, and giving prognostic information. The faster doctors can give a solid diagnosis, the more quickly they can save lives. Yet the blood-based or liquid biopsy detection of cancer has always been challenging due to the heterogeneity and small size of CTCs. Having an urgent clinical demand for a more efficient cancer-detecting method, our company has strategically designed a novel and magnetic nano-sized contrasting agent - Neurostem imaging. This novel technology enables the surgeon to visualize the target cells or neural stem cells in a precise location and navigate the whole isolation process in real-time under magnetic resonance imaging. Remarkable advances in the field of nanotechnology are anticipated to provide a supply of safe and standardized clinical diagnosis for people suffering from anonymous cancer diseases. Thus, combining our latest nanotechnology with the current commercially available CTC fishing kit, the sensitivity of cancer detection could be significantly improved compares with the existing technology. Envisioning a bigger picture, our company is determined to promote better healthcare and clinical practices, for restoring health and extending the life of patients with incurable diseases whilst reducing the medical burden of our society. Meanwhile, we believe leading the change in the biotech industry will inspire researchers and healthcare providers to find solutions and develop novel treatments for the incurable diseases.

Technology Features & Specifications

Making use of only 6 -8ml of blood sample, a regular CTC screening can be performed. Traditional CTC method is time consuming and has a high chance of inaccuracy. In contrary, our unique technology captures all CTC cells, isolating different solid tumour CTC without relying on cancer markers expression. Without damaging the CTC during the isolation process, single cell analysis is made possible to identify CTC subtypes by immunofluorescence staining. Accounting for the benefits of CTC screening, it offers a rapid evaluation of post-surgical and therapeutic drug efficacy. Other than early cancer detection, it has a monitor role in drug resistance, cancer relapse and metastasis. Clinical evidence has shown a correlation between the number of CTCs and survival rate of patients. Mostly important, it can be performed regularly in a non-invasive way. The screening outcome will be formatted into a customized report, providing full analytic results and representative cell images. The state-of-art of our technology offers a safe, secure, innovative and personalized clinical strategy and we hope that will be applied as tailored, regenerative and precise medicine to cure the neurodegenerative and incurable diseases.

Potential Applications

Our technology is beneficial to people with cancer diseases and also cancer survivors, which provide an easy and accurate mean of early detection and potential route for therapy . Our company is actively seeking potential collaborations with hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres, where people of interests could acquire CTC screening.

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