Catalyst for Green Biodiesel Production from Unrefined Feedstock

Technology Overview

Biodiesel is a sustainable liquid biofuel originated from animal fats, vegetable oils or waste oils. This renewable energy source is biodegradable, non-toxic and carbon neutral with low sulfur content. Carbon neutrality is a concept in which the emission of carbon dioxide upon burning of biodiesel is balanced by the carbon dioxide uptake by plants during photosynthesis. This would result in a zero net carbon dioxide release into the atmosphere which is more environmentally-friendly than conventional fuels.

Traditional liquid biodiesel catalysts, such as potassium hydroxide (KOH) or sodium hydroxide (NaOH), induce soap formation in low grade unrefined feedstock containing high free fatty acid contaminants like waste cooking oil. Final purification step is needed to remove the residual sodium or potassium in final biodiesel product, and thus huge amount of waste water is generated. The new catalyst has brought the practice of the biodiesel industry onto to a higher level by introducing an environmentally friendly and more sustainable production process.

Technology Features & Specifications

A new class of easily up-scalable solid mixed metal catalyst for biodiesel synthesis with simple preparation has been developed. This revolutionary catalyst is highly compatible to low grade unrefined feedstock.  The low-purity oil can be converted into biodiesel through a one-step simultaneous esterification and transesterification which take place at low temperature and pressure conditions. Therefore, the production of biodiesel tends to consume less energy and require less expensive equipment. In addition, as no pre- and post-treatment is required for the final product, the overall production cost can be further brought down.

Potential Applications

This technology is applicable in the following industries:

  • Biodiesel production and related industries

Products that can be marketed based on this technology:

  • Biodiesel catalyst
  • Biodiesel production system
  • Biodiesel

Biodiesel can be applied as energy source for transportation, power generation and heat generation. Biodiesel is a more environmentally friendly source of energy than coal, natural gas and fuel.

Customer Benefits

  • Simple and single step production that simplifies the whole supply chain of the production
  • Applicable to a wide range of unrefined feedstock with no pre- and post- treatment required
  • Low operation temperature and pressure
  • Catalyst with long life-time
  • Environmentally friendly biodiesel production process requiring no post-production washing and waste treatment

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