Chatbot Platform for Business

Technology Overview

Our proprietary conversational Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) platform is designed for companies to easily manage chatbots to automate business processes in customer service, sales and marketing, on popular messaging apps such Facebook Messenger, WeChat, LINE and web-based chat widgets. Our unique hybrid A.I. technology combines the best techniques of both retrieval-based and generative A.I. models to enable chatbots to achieve high accuracy even without huge data sets. We empower chatbots and virtual assistants that are not limited to rule-based algorithm, but with advanced semi-supervised machine learning, predictive A.I. and contextual memory implementation. Human can work closely with chatbots to validate the suggested answers on a user-friendly dashboard, train and improve the chatbot's knowledge over time.

Technology Features & Specifications

  • Natural Langugage Processing
  • Semi-Supervised Machine Learning
  • Chatbot Content Management System
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales, Ecommerce and Payment 
  • Marketing Automation
  • Targeted Message Broadcasting
  • Unified Cross-Platform and Chat Channels
  • Chat Analytics
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Multi-language Translation
  • Customer Segmentation and Profiling
  • Personalization Engine 
  • User Roles Management 
  • Conversational Form Builder
  • Web-chat Widget Customizer
  • CRM, ERP, ECommerce API Integration

Potential Applications

  • Customer Service for Call Centre / Bank / Telco / Healthcar e Institution / Government Agency
  • Virtual Sales Assistant for ECommerce / Retail
  • Booking and Concierge Assistant for Hotel / Airline Company
  • Restaurant Reservation / Food Ordering
  • Smart Home Devices and Gadgets
  • Marketing Campaigns and Social Media Engagement for Brands

Market Trends and Opportunities

  • Daily active users of Social messaging apps (such as WeChat, WhatsApp, LINE, Viber) have now surpassed the daily active users of Social Media apps (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc). i.e. 3 billions daily active users.
  •  40% of the consumers are using WeChat to communicate with businesses in China
  • Growing trend of consumers spending more time on text messaging means that business need to scale with the help of A.I. for messaging 
  • 75% of the Milleninials preferred text messaging than email and calling a business
  • Text messaging will become the main mode of communication between consumers and businesses. By 2020, it is expected that 80% of the businesses will require a chatbot.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduce manpower for customer service
  • Improve customer satisfaction and better customer experience
  • Increase engagement rate via social messaging apps
  • More effective marketing with personalized targeted content
  • Provide a more personalized shopping experience
  • Drive sales and improve customer retention 
  • Chat data analytics for business intelligence

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