Chemical-Free Sterilization and Cleaning of Open Cooling Chiller System

Technology Overview

The technology provider has developed an innovative process for the chemical-free disinfection of open cooling water from climate control systems. The technology aims to replace products that were previously ineffective and harmful to the environment with an innovative environmentally-friendly technological solution for cooling and climate control technologies. The current status of technology means that bacteria can multiply unchecked in open systems. As well as the micro-organisms, biofilms films form as a result, which significantly reduce the efficiency of the systems and can pose risks to health. The technology is an environmentally friendly and energy efficient solution to tackle these problems and risks, which avoids the use of chemicals. The key to the process is the use of innovatively designed electrodes. An open electrolysis process will help to kill 99% of bacteria, remove biofilms and separate decomposing organic matter from the water. The entire circulating system will be cleaned and microbiological contaminants will be consistently kept to a minimum. It also completely eliminates the cost of using chemicals; it saves water and electrical power and protects the environment as a whole.

The technology provider is seeking partners to enter into joint product development or R&D collaboration. Potential partners might be manufacturers of cooling and air-conditioning systems, plant manufacturers and service providers of cooling and air-conditioning systems.

Technology Features & Specifications

The core of this process is the use of new electrodes and their innovative structure, which enables open electrolysis in cooling and air-conditioning fluids with new effects. Thus, a disinfectant, essentially chlorine dioxide, is formed from the dissolved chlorides present in the water. Pilot results on an open air-conditioner with a capacity of 25 m³/h and approx. 250 m³/h circulating volume show that the total bacterial count is reduced by 99% and the biofilms are detached. In addition to the oxidation processes, the electrolysis also produces crystallization effects, which lead to the flocculation of the dead organic matter.

Potential Applications

The technology product is a degermination module that can be used in open cooling and air-conditioning systems with up to 25 m³ volume. For example various technical application sizes shall be available. These are intended to equipped small and medium cooling systems.

Market Trends and Opportunities

The current state-of-the-art technology requires great chemical and/or technical effort to eliminate bacteria and biofilms on pipes and heat exchangers in open cooling and air-conditioning systems. We offer an environmentally friendly solution with our chemical-free technology. The results are that the total bacterial count is reduced by 99% and the biofilms are detached. In addition the process separate dead organic material from the water and thus clean the entire system including its pipes, heat exchangers, and coolers.

Customer Benefits

The entire circuit system is cleaned and the microbiological loads are kept low continuously without any addition of chemicals. This means that the operating costs for chemicals are completely eliminated. Moreover, water and electrical energy are saved and the preservation of the environment is guaranteed. The low production costs for medium quantities allow us to present interesting price offers for the users. Furthermore, retrofitting this system into existing systems is made easy. A simple and low-maintenance handling with simultaneous manageable space requirements is also provided. Since the focus is on the customer and their needs, their different system conditions are taken into account and good adaptation possibilities should be possible.

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