Chicken Ginseng Soup Capsule - Redefining the Preparation of Herbal Soup

Technology Overview

Revolutionising home cuisine through creating a fast approach to serve a concoction of herbs and chicken which traditionally requires 2 to 3 hours of preparation time for maximum extraction prior to consumption. The soup concentrate offers the nutrition of herbal soups readily available at the ease of introducing only hot water and can be packaged in various formats for retail.

Technology Features & Specifications

The soup ingredients are chosen for qualities ideal for rehydration, including the ability to dissolve quickly, maintain flavour profile and consistency and anti-caking properties. The product is uniquely designed through percolating and applying various dehydration technologies. The herbal chicken soup is packaged in, but not limited to, a containment compatible with hot beverage dispensing machine.

Potential Applications

Easy-to-prepare soup capsule; ready-to-drink soup

Market Trends and Opportunities

The consumption habits has evolved over time and consumers are increasingly looking for food products that offers a balance on the taste profile with the essence of added health benefits. Strong trends in health and wellness have seen to be driving the sales of organic, fortified, functional and naturally healthy foods and beverages. Coupled with the growing demand for convenient meal and snack solutions among consumers with busy lifestyles, positive development of soups for the market is expected to grow.

Customer Benefits

The ready-to-eat meal solution is easy-to-prepare, saves time and is suitable for time scarce consumers who seeks to drinking soups as health nourishment

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