Chickuteh for Tapping into the Halal Market

Technology Overview

The quintessential local dish, Bak Kut Teh, has been converted into a chicken-based version, targeted for the Halal market. Unique processing techniques were introduced to retain both the flavour and meat tenderness when reheated coupled with an extended shelf life. The required preparation time of the convenience meal can be reduced significantly.

Technology Features & Specifications

The product is treated with a sterilisation technique to ensure food safety and preservation of the freshness and quality of the food product. A combination of processing techniques has been introduced to reduce microbial activity and have minimal effect on nutritional and aroma compounds in the food. The product, suited for the Halal market, is delivered in the form of a convenience meal. 

Potential Applications

Ready-to-eat meals; Vending foods

Market Trends and Opportunities

The food and drink industry in the halal market has been booming globally in many countries where the target group of consumers has been seen to increase their spending. This leads to a surge in the demand of global products and services that cater to the religious needs and comply with Islamic requirements. At present, there are limited products to meet the current demand of the population which is expected to contribute to 26% of global population by 2030.

Customer Benefits

The ready-to-eat meal solution is easy-to-prepare, saves time and is suitable for Halal market.

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