China/HK/SG Market-Ready Cloud-Based Stock Brokerage Trading Platform

Technology Overview

This technology is a cloud-ready distributed stock brokerage trading and wealth management platform, with mobile apps on android and iOS, the full solution is ready for China & Hong Kong and Singapore. It is best for any local stock brokeraage want to expand to China/Hong Kong Market.

Feel free to make an enquiry to request for iOS or Android mobile app access. 

Technology Features & Specifications

  • Integrated with Singapore Exchange (SGX) data feeds
  • Integrated with Saxo products offering including USA/Hong Kong Market
  • Ready to be deployed on AWS/Alibaba Cloud at minimal infrastructrure costs
  • Mobile apps (android + iOS)
  • 10,000 concurrent users deployment tested
  • Flexible API integration with 3rd party solutions
  • Backend integration with Singapore Central Depository CDP online account opening via SingPass with Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Optionally integrated with DBS Bank cash management / shared custody services
  • Optionally integrated with Cygnosis KYC + Anti Money Laundering (AML) solution

Potential Applications

For any local stock brokeraage want to expand to China/Hong Kong Market.

For any existing stock brokerage which looking to lower the operating costs and enhance capabilities via integrating new revenue models. 

And for any new Fintech start-up intending to penetrate into the stock brokerage/wealth management industry.

Market Trends and Opportunities

With the 0% stock brokerage fee trend in USA and arising investment and financial technologies, the existing stock brokerage revenue model appears to be inevitably impacted. Operating with lower costs, new innovative revenue generating income streams and high flexibility to adapt to the new market trends will be key competitive advantages.

Customer Benefits

The full solution is 50% lower in cost than any of the existing market solution. It also provides flexible customization / integration with 3rd party solutions. The solution is ready for China/Hong Kong/Singapore Market. As China is opening up its stock brokerage industry, our development team in China HangZhou can provide continous support after the system go live.

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