A Cloud-Based Delivery Planning System

Technology Overview

This technology is able to quickly assign delivery jobs to vehicles/drivers with optimised routes. The map-based user interface of the system makes it very user friendly even for new users to learn how to use it. Users can quickly make delivery plans and generate optimised delivery routes with several clicks. The system is specially designed to plan the deliveries within a city by considering traffic differences between peak and non-peak hours and drivers' preferred delivery zones. This feature makes the system different from the existing routing solutions, which were designed for inter-city deliveries. Moreover, we also use historical delivery data to predict the loading/unloading times of each job.

Technology Features & Specifications

The technology consists of customized algorithms and cutting edge technologies which leverage in demand technologies such as geospatial, big data and cloud computing, to put forth a near seamless way to optimise vehicle routing. The inclusion of time windows could also revolutionize the way that deliveries are done in Singapore.

We use our own route optimisation algorithm to create an intra-city vehicle routing web application. This application uses the latest technologies and research we have conducted such as using actual road distance to calculate the time taken to travel from points based on different times of the day. We also gather information about service time, driver tracking and other analysis to optimise the entire delivery cycle from the time the deliveryman starts his delivery to the time the customer signs off for his package. We store valuable information on his travel pattern, idle time etc. for further analysis and how we can improve the delivery time taken. 

Potential Applications

Although this technology is targeted at logistics sectors in general, any company with a fleet of vehicles which requires route optimisation can use this system. This solution can be marketed as a tool to revolutionize how logistics companies deliver goods in Singapore by meeting the delivery/collection time windows that are usually required by customers.

Customer Benefits

The approximate market size is around 100 logistics companies based in Singapore. This Intellectual Property is in line with the government's current push for optimising and leveraging technology in the logistics sector. 

The customer can achieve significant cost reduction. One way that a user can cut cost is by increasing the amount of deliveries he can make. Another way is by decreasing the number of trips.

In this way, fuel consumption is reduced, therefore helping to reduce the carbon footprint.

Customers' confidence in delivery service level can also be improved as the deliveries can be achieved with a much shorter time window.

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