Cloud-Based Intelligent Legal Platform

Technology Overview

First integrated legal system for law firms and legal representatives of both large corporate environments and SME segments.

The system is able to provide full outsourcing of corporate legal activities, where legal services are carried out by the partners using our system.

The system is run at the client s offices - using its own software, and employing its own legal staff - as an outsourced legal service. In this case the client may rely on the legal solution in full confidence. From the installation of the system to the continuous operation of the legal processes, the client receives reliable services.

Following a survey conducted on the client company s legal functions and needs, the setup of the system takes place after the following steps:

  • Assessment of the existing system, processes, frequency and costs of legal issues
  • Development of processes specific to the company
  • Outlining internal directives
  • Installation of the system
  • Training
  • Launch, coaching
  • Legal services

Technology Features & Specifications

Our solution consists of a central module, user applications on mobile devices, and service accessible through web browsers. For our European Union customers, we use IBM cloud and Softlayer offerings. It is very much possible and easy to set up our platform on private or other public cloud services. The system currently supports 4 languages. Its is also very convenient to set up any other languages, even Chinese, Arabic etc. The solution is ISO-certified and is also accepted by the Hungarian Chamber of Law and some other EU countries. Interlegal Network members are also listed as users of the system.

Potential Applications

Three major segments are the legal service providers, SMEs and large corporations. The solution will be developed further to also include tax advisory functionalities. Digital legal services can be offered in a cost-effective and efficient way. The majority of the client-legal advisor meetings can be channeled through the system. The digitalization of the legal services means a 24x7 availability. In the case of urgent needs, there will always be legal representative at hand to help. Considerable savings can be achieved with the elimination of travel, meetings, and the use of standardized processes wherever possible. The cost structure will be time-based and fees are adjusted to the level of service requested.

Customer Benefits

Transparent and organizes legal processes into an easily managed system:

  • Intelligent case management: The unique software supporting the system automatically informs the users about the current events occurring in the system via continuous e-mail notifications and calls to carry out necessary actions with close deadlines.
  • Case monitoring: This module enables the system to continuously evaluate the status of certain cases (typically protracted or lengthy cases, such as civil suits) and contracts (project contracts, fixed-term contracts etc.) and according to the settings of the user, to send out e-mail warnings about the deadlines or other provisions.
  • Cost efficiency: By the strict logging and registering principle built into the system, the duration of legal services carried out can be controlled and measured. Delays, defaults and non-performance may be eliminated completely; in doing so the company can avoid fines and damages from failures of the legal operations. Parallel and recurring legal requests may be filtered out as well. In summary, the system rationalizes and decreases the costs of legal operations.
  • Large number of users: The number of users of the system may be scaled flexibly within a company or even within a consortia and holding company.
  • Bookmark function: E-filing systems and legal databases are accessible by one click within the system.
  • Safe and archived data: The back-up copies ensure the continuous recording and constant availability of any information or data imported into the system. The system also prevents unauthorized access.
  • Up-to-date information: Due to the automated messages sent by the system, the Legal Service Liaison Officer appointed by the company is able to track the legal services and to inform management on the status of any case.
  • Filing system: The system has its own document management and filing system, but is also able to connect to the company s internal systems through an interface.


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