Communication Tool Without Cellular Coverage or Internet Connectivity

Technology Overview

It is a Peer-to-Peer communicational tool for smartphones that works without any cellular coverage or internet. It has a standalone software component, which enables smartphones to share text, voice, pictures or documents within a range of hundreds of meters (tested for 500m+). Its hardware component is a smartphone case, that would fit the most popular commercially available smartphones and has its custom antenna/radio chip integrated into it along with its own battery. Combined with the phone and app installed on it, it acts as a range extender for up to 30 km and aims to establish local communication in any large community be it a city or any remote location. Of course, all communications are fully encrypted with the latest End-to-End encryption technology and are not sent through any tower or server. The only required infrastructure is a recently released smartphone with the up to date Operating System on it.

Technology Features & Specifications

The most innovative parts of the technology are improved range, transferrable formats beyond simple text and the way it could be integrated into cases where design and protection of a phone is also an aspect. As of now, the “state of the art” is sharing text only (and emojis maybe) with the use of external device paired to the phone via Bluetooth with range limits. Also, software only applications only work with high saturation of users in a crowd the limits its reliability. On the other hand, our solution only needs a handful of users but still scalable to thousands of users for mass communication or in the case of the hardware, a mere two devices are able to connect directly. The technology uses only freely available frequencies, which are not limited for use by law or required to be licensed neither do they interfere with other users like military/police or telco providers. They comply with global standards of broadcasting. It combines multiple channels like Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/LoRa and others to optimize for range, bandwidth and energy consumption. The software only application has been tested for 525 meters so far with connect, while the hardware component has been tested for 5 km and they are aiming to increase that significantly till the end of this year by optimizing some components. It is trying to answer 3 main points in society:

•             Privacy issues of existing chat platforms and social networks

•             The high cost of data plans

•             Poor and unreliable coverage

Potential Applications

  • Poorly and /or unreliably covered areas with cellular coverage.
  • Communication on a mass scale where aggregated data plan costs are of significant value to the company.
  • Remote settings where conventional cell-based coverage is just economically not viable to be operated. (Cruise liners, Oil rigs, Festivals)
  • Densely populated areas with existing but overburdened coverage (lack of bandwidth)
  • Integration of technology as a feature into existing chat platforms with huge user base, so their dependency on the internet can be minimized with improved privacy.
  • Cost efficient deployment of local coverage with mini (private) base stations complementing the range of the case/app, with which one can create his/her private encrypted network (in development)
  • There are hundreds of millions of people, around the world where coverage, data plan costs and privacy are a big issue. Different regions may be affected by these issues on a different scale or priority of one may be bigger in one region than one in the other, but generally, they apply. What is more important is that these are affecting all levels of society and both private and public sector.

Customer Benefits

  • Partial-Independency from expensive data plans (in a localised setting, e.g. a city)
  • Included protection for the handset provided by the case.
  • Partial-Independency from a certain network provider who has poor service (unreliable coverage)
  • Absolute Peer-to-Peer private encrypted communication (no server involved)
  • Promotion of connecting people in a local community (family, neighbourhood, school, company, city)

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