Compact Photonics Sensing Solutions and Predictive Maintenance for Harsh Environments

Technology Overview

This technology offer is a sensing solution based on photonic sensors combined with advanced machine learning, both proprietary technologies. These sensors only use photons (i.e., light) to measure vibrations, accelerations, pressures, electric fields, microwave fields and temperature. Micro-optomechanical systems (MOMS), micro-electrooptical systems (MEOS) and photonic integrated circuits (PIC) are at the heart of these sensor chips, which are completely passive. The machine learning run into an IOT platform, delivering a simple web-based visual interface to customer.

Technology Features & Specifications

The photonics sensors are intrinsically safe for use in explosive and hazardous environments (ATEX compliant), intrinsically immune to electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio-frequency interference (RFI), intrinsically safe for high-voltages, and can withstand harsh environments including extreme temperatures, radiation, etc.

The sensing solution come with a full edge-to-cloud, scalable IoT solution to collect, buffer, process and transmit data securely.

Also available is a scalable cloud-based analytics pipeline that incorporates cutting-edge signal processing and machine learning, which enables the platform to generate actionable insights.

Potential Applications

This robust sensing solution can be deployed in harsh environments to measure parameters like electric field, vibration, pressure, acoustic and temperature.

Customer Benefits

  • The sensors are extremely compact (only few millimeters),  therefore can be placed or embedded into the smallest area.
  • The sensors are extremely sensitive (up to 100x more sensitive than  current available electric solutions) and can have higher bandwidth  than electric sensors.
  • The sensors have no electromagnetic footprint; thus they cannot  be detected and are environment-friendly.


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