Compacting bulky supplement powder into solid capsules that self-dissolves in beverages

Technology Overview

Nutritional supplement powders are commonly sold in bulk packaging (several kilograms) that is difficult to transport. Powders are consumed by mixing into a beverage. Preparation is messy because removing the powder from the packaging results in spillage and it sticks to the user’s hands. Furthermore, the powder doesn’t dissolve well, forming clumps. This technoogy compacts the powder into compact solid which is mess-free, makes it easier to transport and easily dissolved.

Pharmaceutical-grade powders are commonly sold as pills – compacted into tablets or encapsulated - up to 1 gram. Some individuals need to consume several pills per day. Keeping track of several pills is inconvenient and swallowing them, especially more than one, is difficult or in possible. A solution would be to consolidate several grams of pills while making them easy to swallow.

Our capsule technology provides solutions to users of nutritional supplement and pharmaceutical powders. While there exist single technologies for solving each individual problem listed above, we solve all the problems with a single technology.

Our capsule technology can be used for nuritional and pharmacuetical powder and is a licensable formulation+processes that allow for the compaction of powders into solid capsules ranging in size from 5-20 grams. Our compaction process uses non synthetic chemicals and far less additives as compared to traditional methods. The formulation+processes are performed in a non-aqueous environment and do not react with the powders. In addition, capsule shape, design, strength and dissolution rate are highly customisable.

Technology Features & Specifications

Starting with powder:

1. Mix with our dry formulation (natural compounds) to produce a malleable material.

2. Compact this material into a capsule using our mold process.

3. Activate solidification of the capsule using our drying process.

4. Add strength and shelf life to the capsule using our coating process.

Potential Applications

Nutritional supplement and pharmaceutical companies selling powders will benefit from our technology. Any company licensing our technology will provide their customers (the users) a more transportable and easier-to-consume version of the powders they are already buying. In addition, the capsule’s novelty and added features - high precision dosing and strong mechanical properties – can attract a new type of customer.

Here are 3 examples of how our capsule technology can be used:

1. A protein powder company can use our technology for sending out samples of their powder. This allows customers to sample various powder types and flavors before making a bulk purchase. Our technology is also scalable for mass production.

2. Personalized medicine companies provide their patients with multiple pills that must be taken daily (and at varying doses) for maintaining health. Our technology can consolidate a patient’s daily regimen of pills into a single capsule that can be added to the patient’s favorite beverage. This is especially useful for patients with difficulty swallowing pills such as children and the elderly. In addition, our technology provides consistent and precision dosing, ensuring safety.

3. Personalized nutrition companies create customized supplement powders and pills to meet an individual’s nutritional needs based on their genetic information. Not only does our technology allow for powder and pill consolidation, but gives a further level of personalization. Our technology allows the customer to select his or her own capsule design, truly personalizing the experience of nutrition consumption.

Market Trends and Opportunities

The exact market size for all nutritional supplement powders and pharmaceutical powders is debatable. Therefore ,let us look at a well-characterized market we are currently developing capsules for, the protein supplement market. The global market was valued at $16.4B in 2018 and is estimated to reach $24.7B by 2025 (Value Market Research). In the USA alone, protein powders were valued at 4.2B in 2018 and are estimated to grow to 6.4B by 2025 (Statista). Even a young market like Japan is already valued at $251M and is estimated to grow (Yano Research Institute, 2018).

Customer Benefits

Our capsule technology makes powder (and mutli-pill) consumption easier for users, the value proposition for the user.

Our technology creates a new product category and allows companies to bundle together multiple powders/pills into a single capsule.

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