Comprehensive Multi-modal Traffic Simulation and Analysis

Technology Overview

This comprehensive traffic simulation toolkit makes use of state-of-the-art software based on scientific modelling methods for the evaluation and analysis of traffic of all modes. Providing extensive analysis options, it contributes to decision making and the optimisation of infrastructures. Furthermore taking into account behavioural patterns of drivers, vehicles and pedestrians, it ensures accuracy in the simulation of their interactions.

Technology Features & Specifications

Provide simulation and analysis of:

  • Multimodality simulation including pedestrians, cyclist, cars, buses, and freight traffic
  • Simulate free choice of direction of pedestrians, and complex vehicle-pedestrian interaction
    • Dynamic potential field for fastest path calculation
    • Simulates walking behaviour based on the scientifically proven Social Force Model
    • Calculation of analytical output such as journey times, density levels, level of service (LOS), queuing times and waiting times
    • Realistic simulation inside and outside of buildings
  • Signalised junction and non-signalised intersections
  • Adjustable traffic compliance level to simulate the effects on capacity if vehicles jump red light, or does not comply with lane keeping
  • Account for public transport schedule and timetables, stops and stops type, dwell times, etc.
  • Account for the difference in acceleration of fully-loaded freight vehicles vs unloaded state
  • Model Car2X systems and its interventions on traffic conditions
  • Exhaust emissions modelling

Potential Applications

This traffic simulation and analysis tool is suitable for:

  1. Public Traffic planning
    1. Comparing junction geometries
    2. Analysing public transport priority schemes
    3. Considering the effects of signalling
  2. Facility planning
    1. Pedestrian footpath capacity and avoid bottlenecks
  3. Event Planning
    1. Realistic simulation optimise placement of shops, restrooms and evaluation exits
  4. Evacuation analysis
    1. Pedestrian flow in public infrastructure, stadiums and tunnels
    2. Evacuation planning for high-rise buildings

Customer Benefits

With this multi-modal traffic planning tool, mobility can be better planned and bottlenecks identified and rectified before construction begin. This allows for better planning of infrastructures, especially public buildings, commuter hubs and social venues.

The technology provider offers visualisation and analysis software, licensing and consulting services.

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