Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Suite Containing Innovative AI Models For Industry Application

Technology Overview

The company is based in Poland with strong research backgrounds. They have excellent engineers and PhD researchers with 15 years of experience working with global brands. They have a close relationship with science, academia and business.

The company builds artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC) solutions. Their years of experience enables them to develop highly optimized AI engines and HPC apps.

The company is developing a CFD suite containing innovative AI models meant for computational fluid dynamics. The CFD suite is meant to produce ultra fast results with radically lower total cost of ownership (TCO). The technology suite will enable companies to explore new possibilities.

Of futher note: The product launch is scheduled for November 2020. 

Disclaimer: Technology is available for licensing at November 2020 earliest. Please reach out to get notified and learn more.

Technology Features & Specifications

Technology Features:

  • CFD solvers acceleration, that is beyond what's achievable with hardware upgrades or adaptation to hardware accelerators
  • Replacement of numerical solvers with equivalent AI models
  • Use case specific AI models
  • Digital twin ready

Technology Specifications:

  • Replacement of solvers with AI models – 2D, 3D domains
  • Interactive AI models – Use case specific solutions, interacting with solvers
  • Custom AI model generator – Tool to generate AI models to replace CFD solvers on demand
  • “Unleashed” version of the suite – Growing collection of innovate AI models for CFD

Potential Applications

Applications include but are not limited to:

  • characterize the sub-grid scales effect in global numerical simulations of turbulent stellar interiors
  • compare anelastic and compressible convection-permitting weather forecasts
  • biomechanical modeling of brain injuries within the Voigt model
  • simulation of gravity wave turbulence in the Earth’s atmosphere
  • simulation of geophysical turbulence in the Earth’s atmosphere
  • ocean modeling: simulation of three-dimensional solitary wave generation and propagation using EULAG coupled to the barotropic NCOM (Navy Coastal Ocean Model) tidal model
  • seismic analysis, reservoir modeling and basin modeling (Oil & Gas)
  • models to track and predict various environmental impacts on crop yield such as weather changes (AgriTech)
  • modeling the prediction of forest fire spread
  • flood simulations

Customer Benefits

  • Ultra fast results. Faster prototyping and parametrization
  • Replacing solvers with AI models (use case targeted calculators)
  • AI models training much faster than adapting solvers for field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) / graphics processing units (GPUs) for accelerating the results
  • Real-time simulations for ever-increasing amounts of data
  • Acceleration beyond hardware capabilities
  • Lowering entry barrier for new adopters of CFD simulations
  • Democratization of CFD - AI CFD Models act as “CFD Calculators”, designed to address specific use cases and make it easy and straight forward to run simulations.
  • Money savings by lowering TCO radically
  • Increase complexity of simulations (AI predicting intermediate steps, allowing more advanced simulations with the same hardware)

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