Computerized Speech Diagnosis System

Technology Overview

Computerized speech analysis system is an instrument system of sound analysis and data management function, with digital sound sensing and processing equipment, can be used in the Chinese medicine and health condition checks. The process is to record one secondper sound of the sound capture recording. The system provides the sound sample and the time countdown tips. After the recording is complete, it has the sampling quality detection function, which includes the sound energy size and the length of time interval detection function to prevent improper sampling. This occursafter the sound analysis function, the sound parameter quantization and model analysis is completed. The clinical research and academic papers prove that the result is sufficient to identify the physical characteristics of different subjects with deficiency, as a clinical syndrome differentiation of the rapid physical condition analysis of the use of equipment. Systemallows thecollection ofsounds into a database, to provide objective quantitative data, as a clinical diagnosis of Chinese medicine reference, diagnosis and teaching and research, and large volume ofdata foranalysis.

Technology Features & Specifications

Convenient user interface, and simple operating process Medical grade information with professional analysis Graphical and Visualization information presentation Automatic report generated and storage Simple inquiry for historical record information

Potential Applications

This technology can provide real-time physical state analysis in the medical andhealth industry. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, listening to the quality of the sound of the voice of the patientcan provide usefulinformation on the health status of the individual. The Computerized Speech Diagnosis System is able to provide a consistent and unbiased analysis of the patients voice, assistingthe physician in the diagnosis.

Customer Benefits

The voice of one secondper sound is be analyzed with non-invasive, simple and quick method. Most peoplemay be easiltyexamined. The system can be used in anytime, anywhere, and can connectred to a network and cloud computing for data recording and analysis. This system can help Chinese medicine doctors doing patient physical analysis record and track, to provide better medical service. By using this system, userscan automatically establish avoice database, while this voice collection can contribute to the future use of medical treatment.

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