Contact Tracing & Social Distancing Solutions

Technology Overview

Our current methods for Contact Tracing & Social Distancing requires a lot of manpower – staffs manually taking temperature with handheld thermometers and social distancing ambassadors patrolling around. These people are susceptible the coronavirus as well and our solution aims to solve such issues.

Hence our solution aims to automate the process as much as possible and minimize or eliminate the need for manpower to operate this process while ensuring affordability and low cost.

Our solution is tested, proven and in use by existing clients:

We are providing seamless Indoor and Outdoor tracking of personnel and assets via TETRA Radio, WiFi and BLE geo-locationing.

Technology Features & Specifications

Our solution platform is highly integratable to any 3rd party software or IoT device, meaning that we can well make use of companies' existing assets. Everything can be integrated into a single all-in-one platform to provide ease of use for our client and their customers.

The technology involved in our solution is dependent on companies' need and existing assets.

Contact Tracing and Social Distancing can be done using several methods e.g.,

  • Issue wearable to track and trace
  • Visitor management

Our solution basic features:

  • Administrative Dashboard
  • Geo-fence
  • Alerts (Man-down, Safe Distancing, etc.), e.g., beep and emit a flashing red light when they are close to one another
  • Mapping (Indoor & Outdoor)

Potential Applications

The solution requires a certain amount of compliance from the users depending on the scale the client is going for.

Thus, it is more applicable for implementation for crowd sensing and risk management of workplaces to reduce physical interaction and provide real time monitoring of employees to ensure their safety and abide by government rules.

  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Warehouse
  • Ports
  • Airport
  • Construction Sites
  • School Campus
  • Etc.

Market Trends and Opportunities

Our solution aims to fully utilize existing assets of the company whereever possible to perform contact tracing and social distancing instead of purchasing new equipment. E.g. tap on the unused GPS function on a phone which was used only for communication purposes, to perform tracking of the individual.

This can drastically cut down on the cost required for the solution as we only need to interface to the existing asset instead of setting aside extra budget to procure new assets to fulfill required task with minimum or no infrastructure installation.

Customer Benefits

  • Save cost by utilizing existing assets
  • Scale easily for future usage even after COVID-19 pandemic
  • Reduce manpower needed
  • Ease of use for our solution

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