Controlled Release Membrane Delivery System for Ambient Treatment Applications

Technology Overview

This technology encapsulates a high level of volatile actives and then continuously releases them in controlled dosages. The gel matrix is enclosed by a protective foil which is further packaged in a vapor-permeable membrane, to create the ready-to-use and easy to apply the product. Upon activation, the volatile actives are delivered for a nonstop ambient treatment effect. Using this advanced but simple system, actives such as fragrances, essential oils, odour-neutralizing agents, and even insecticides can be dispersed into ambient spaces.

Technology Features & Specifications

Processing at ambient temperatures (20 - 30˚C) Processing at low pressures (5 - 50 psi) Incorporates actives in liquid states, with payloads of up to 90% Diffuses actives without machinery or power sources Activated by airflow from air-conditioning systems Compatible with all types of air-conditioning systems In solid form, with no potential for leaks or spills Invisible after application

Potential Applications

Air purification - e.g. controlled dosing of Tea Tree Oil to combat airborne bacteria and mold Air freshening - e.g. controlled dosing of fragrances to freshen the environment Odor remediation - e.g. controlled dosing of odor counteractants to combat odors Scent marketing - e.g. controlled dosing of food scents for drawing crowds Pest control - e.g. controlled dosing of pest repellants to repel pests

Customer Benefits

Prolonged and continuous ambient treatment effect Reduce dosage frequency No direct contact with volatile actives Safe and easy to use Easily transported by air or sea as non-DG goods Environmentally friendly

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