Controlling Excessive Microalgae Growth using Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) Treatment System

Technology Overview

Freshwater algae blooms are the result of excessive nitrogen and phosphorous originating from runoff from fertilizers and household cleaning products. Excessive algal bloom may adversely affect the ecosystem as it causes the depletion of oxygen levels in water and prevents sunlight from reaching other organisms in the water. When microalgae die, the decomposition process also consumes dissolved oxygen and releases nutrients back to the water. This decreases the dissolved oxygen levels in the water and resulting in constant regeneration of microalgae under favorable conditions. This technology relates to an Ultra-Low Frequency (ULF) Algae Control Unit (ACU) treatment system that can be used to control excessive microalgae growth in water bodies. The ULF technology uses an electromagnetic field of ultra-low time-varying frequency range of 100 Hz to 2000 kHz. The ACU comprises emitters and receivers which are energized by a power unit during operations. The ACU creates a disinfecting effect on microorganisms similar to an avalanche current produced in fluorescent tubes.

Technology Features & Specifications

  • Treatment capacity of either 500 or 1500 m3/hour
  • Can be applied through an inline algae treatment when water passes through the pipe or direct surface water treatment 
  • Effective control of microalgae in a single pass confined treatment 
  • Reduction of microalgae and microcystin in reservoir water to achieve a balanced reservoir water ecosystem
  • Does not produce any disinfection by-products 
  • Effective reduction of chlorophyll-a content  



Potential Applications

  • Freshwater bodies (waterways, ponds and reservoirs)
  • Water intake pipes 
  • Aquaculture farms 



Customer Benefits

  • Chemical-free algae control method using ultralow frequency
  • Reduction of water treatment plant load  
  • Reduction of algae scum leading to a more aesthetically pleasing water appearance

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