Cosmetic & Fragrance Applications of CaproGlu Bioadhesives

Technology Overview

A liquid to rubber glue (CaproGlu) has been originally developed for soft tissues, but is being applied herein towards cosmetic and fragrance applications.  Caproglu signifies a shift in bioadhesive technology, employing new methods of bonding that avoids the pitfalls inherent in other tissue glues based on acrylates and urethanes.  Caproglu is the only water/solvent free, liquid glue that bonds within seconds into a rubber foam on wet surfaces and mimics the elasticity of soft tissues.  CaproGlu’s unique formulation allows incorporation of hydrophobic pigments, fragrances, and cosmetic compounds in a liquid to adhesive rubber delivery.  It is the only bioadhesive that expands upon activation.  It contains no acrylates, initiators, or free radical preservatives that cause skin allergies in other bioadhesives. It is free of biopolymers and contains no animal or human derived components.

Technology Features & Specifications

  1. CaproGlu can be applied towards hair and skin coatings, where other bioadhesives cannot.

  2. CaproGlu can be applied towards encapsulation/dissolving fragrance or sunblock compounds, where other bioadhesives cannot.

  3. The synthetic methodology does not require biopolymers from human or animal origins.  The formulations does not raise ethical concerns in terms of animal treatment or disease transmission (e.g. virus/prions).

  4. CaproGlu has a scalable yield production, from laboratory batch production to continuous reactor-scale production. Thus, the production benefits from economy of scale.  All synthetic protocols have previously been found scalable.

  5. CaproGlu are naturally hydrophobic materials that allows long-term shelf storage of 12 months or greater without the inconvenience of product reconstitution by a technical expert. All current biopolymer bioadhesives require reconstitution, preventing aesthetic applications by end-user consumers.

  6. CaproGlu is a water impenetrable sealant and forms coatings on both dry and hydrated surfaces.  They can be modified to be both aqueous porous and non-porous by suitable changes in pore-forming additives. Other bioadhesives cannot incorporate this ability.

  7. CaproGlu, a pure liquid, has apparent viscosities under 1 Pa.s.  Application by brush, spray, 3D printing, inkjet or syringe is feasible. 

  8. CaproGlu requires no dilution in aqueous or organic solvents—in their neat form, they can dissolve other organic compounds, such as fragrances and sunblock compounds.  No other bioadhesive has this unique characteristic without employing acrylate compounds.

Potential Applications

CaproGlu may be adapted to improve the performance of pre-existing  fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) or consumer packaged goods (CPG).  This includes the categories of sunblock preparations, skincare preparations, skin and hair pigments, henna-based and ink-based temporary tattoos, manicuring preparations, makeup preparations, makeup fixatives, costume makeup, and immobilization and long-term delivery of fragrance preparations with one-time use applicators. Any application that could benefit from a liquid to solid conversion with subsequent immobilization to soft flexible surfaces and substrates.

Customer Benefits

  • CaproGlu synthetic formulations is a novel bioadhesive that does not require biopolymers from human or animal origins, addressing an unmet need in the cosmetic and fragrance industries.

  • CaproGlu relies on a novel method of adhesion without the use of acrylates, removing concerns of skin allergies and contact dermatitis.

  • CaproGlu can be applied towards encapsulation/dissolving hydrophobic compounds for unmet aesthetic applications on skin and hair substrates. Cured CaproGlu remains transparent for concealed applications.

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