Cost Effective and Stable Nanobubble Generator

Technology Overview

Nanobubbles technology is currently being incorporated into massive range of applications across all industries. Some of the current and expected applications includes:

  • Commercial – Bottle water; Carbonated water/drinks; Water conditioning units; Water for spas, baths, whirlpools, swimming pools water filtering units, Water for use in the manufacture of detergents;
  • Agriculture/Aquaculture – Hydroponics; Aquaponic; Shrimp farming; Water for use in irrigation of vegetables, plants, trees, crops; Water for use in livestock and pet feeding.
  • Services – Waste water treatment services; Water and sewer management; Water quality control services; Consulting services related to the administration of water purification strategies; Leasing of water purification equipment; Food sanitation consultation services; Sanitation engineering; Treatment of Cooling Tower Water.
  • Cleaning Related – All-purpose cleaning preparations; Machines for cleaning surfaces using high pressure water; Dish washing machines; Carpet cleaning; Cleaning of building; Diaper cleaning; Clothes washing machines; Jewellery cleaning; Leather cleaning; Pool cleaning; Car/Truck/Bus/Train/Ship/Airplane washes.

The Nano Bubble Generator (NBG) technology that was developed is a plug and play (fully automatic) system with a built-in microprocessor that monitor and control the generation of Nanobubble. The machine is capable of generating both Ozonated and Oxygenated Nanobubble or other gas nanobubble for different applications.

The company is seeking strategic Industrial partner to invest to help scale the company and bring the technology to the region. We are also looking for collaborations with industrial partners on F & B waste treatment and other applications. 

Technology Features & Specifications

Weight Of Machine: 30 Kg

Dimension: 560mm( Length ) by 300mm( Width ) by 400mm ( H) 

Power Supply: 230V AC Single Phase 50 Hz.

Inlet / outlet piping Diameter:  3/4 inch inlet , 1/2 inch outlet

Power Consumption: 1 hp ( 0.75KW )

Principle of Nano Bubble Generation: Pressurized Dissolutions Method ( PDM )

Advantages: plug and Play, portable concept, low power consumptions, ease of installations 

Potential Applications

  • Aquaculture and Agriculture sector
    • Shrimp/Fish farming
    • Urban Farming – Hydroponics and Aquaponics
    • RAS system
  • Disinfections Sector
    • Cooling Tower Water Treatment
    • Sterilization
    • Waste Water treatment
  • Oil Separation Sector
    • F and B waste sludge treatment
    • Machining Coolant Purification
  • Frozen Food Sector

Customer Benefits

Cooling Tower Maintenance

  • Clean Technology, chemical free
  • Reduction in water consumption


Disinfection of bacteria, healthier roots, good cleaning/sterilisation application, good survival rate

Aqua Culture and Shrimps

Faster and heavier growth on the shrimps/fish, shorter harvest, good survival rate, higher density 

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