Cost Effective Way to Produce Antioxidant-rich Pandan Leaf Extract

Technology Overview

Pandan (Pandanus amarylfolius) leaves have long been used to provide aroma, flavor, and color in food preparation as well as food product development. Conventionally, pandan leaves are boiled to make desserts and drinks.  However, boiling tends to destroy the nutrients and the aroma compounds in the leaves.

As a solution, an extraction, encapsulation, and spray drying method was developed to produce pandan leaf extract in powder form. The conditions for the processing were optimized to produce a pandan extract powder that has similar antioxidant concentration, flavor, and aroma as freshly extracted pandan leaves juice.

Technology Features & Specifications

The technology offered is an optimized extraction, encapsulation and spray drying technology. The extraction method was developed to produce whole pandan extract with optimized nutrients, flavor, and aroma, as well as being cost-effective. As the pandan extract is rich in natural antioxidants, the technology yields the wholesome health benefits from pandan leaves. 

The encapsulation technology preserves the nutrients, flavor, and aroma of pandan extract for spray drying. The powdered pandan extract has longer shelf life compared to the extract from conventionally boiled pandan leaves, thus reducing the costs in long term.

Potential Applications

The technology can be adopted by the industry to produce pandan leaf extract as a natural additive of color, flavor, and aroma. The pandan extract can be applied to water-based, as well as oil-based food system.

This technology can also be applied to any plant or fruit, as well as on homogenous food waste.

Customer Benefits

The antioxidants and aroma compounds in the pandan leaf extract are well-preserved by equipment-free encapsulation technology.

Fine pandan extract powder rich in antioxidants and aroma is produced through the optimization of extraction, encapsulation, and spray drying conditions.

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