Creating Novel Healthier Food Formulations Through Systematic Analysis and Design

Technology Overview

With the rise of diabetes and other metabolic diseases in the developed world, there is an increasing focus towards healthy eating. Many attempts have been made at making conventional foods, especially desserts, healthier, but this often comes at the cost of poor texture and taste. Our proprietary platform thoroughly analyses novel food ingredients and how their potential may be unlocked to create healthier versions of our favourite foods. Notably, the texture and taste of these healthier versions are designed to be on par with their original counterparts, sometimes even exceeding them. Asia's first reduced-calorie, reduced-sugar and reduced-fat premium ice cream, is the first success born from this innovative platform. Virtually indistinguishable from artisanal premium ice creams sold in cafes, it contains less than a third of the calories, fat and sugar and is now available island-wide in Singapore

Technology Features & Specifications

At the core of our proprietary platform is a Target Product Profile. Working with the end in mind, desired characteristics of the product to be developed are locked down and designed with quality in mind. Three interlinked facets constitute the actual development process. First, Intelligent Sourcing requires accumulated and current knowledge of upcoming or available novel food ingredients and their various properties. An analysis of the research conducted on these ingredients suggests potential applications in future products. These ingredients are then sourced and compared down to the specification level to highlight the best-in-class raw materials for product development. Matrix Analysis breaks down originator products to decipher the proportional makeup of ingredients and also to figure out the potential interactions between ingredients. Lastly, Design of Experiments combines the former two concepts and the Target Product Profile to carefully design a series of focused experimental iterations to rapidly produce commercialisable prototypes with the new desired characteristics.

Potential Applications

Our platform has been successfully used to create Asia's first reduced-calorie, reduced-fat and reduced-sugar premium ice cream. Even when the nutritional characteristics of the ice cream has changed so drastically, the ice cream retains its clean sugar-like sweetness without aftertastes, and also maintaining a luxuriously rich creaminess. The versatility of this product development platform lends itself well to the development of other products such as beverages, baked goods, confectioneries and even savoury dishes. Although the focus is on re-inventing foods to become healthier, the platform allows for reverse engineering of currently available food products as well.

Customer Benefits

This technology will bring more healthy food choices to the masses without compromise on taste and texture. More importantly, safety is also a key consideration for the end-consumer and this is taken care of in our sourcing methodology.

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