Creating Novel Healthier Food Formulations Through Systematic Analysis and Design

Technology Overview

There is currently a rising trend of functional foods with modified nutritional profiles. This is partly in answer to the global diabetes and metabolic disease epidemic. However, it is often difficult to develop food products with a favourable nutritional profile and yet taste good and similar to the originals which are what consumers often have an attachment towards. Our proprietary platform specialises in the use of novel functional ingredients to develop new food products that taste the same or better than their originals while conferring nutritional benefits such as reduced calories, sugar and fat and increased fiber and protein.

Technology Features & Specifications

Our technology platform comprises a modular process wherein reference products are broken down and analyzed, mapped to novel ingredients to create a new modified formulation based on a series of interacting rules, and finally tested iteratively to arrive at a workable prototype. Our platform has been able to achieve workable prototypes within 3 to 5 iterations, thereby reducing the time for R&D to be less than half a year. 

Potential Applications

Our platform has been successfully used to create Asia's first reduced-calorie, reduced-fat and reduced-sugar premium ice cream. Even when the nutritional characteristics of the ice cream has changed so drastically, the ice cream retains its clean sugar-like sweetness without aftertastes, and also maintaining a luxuriously rich creaminess. The versatility of this product development platform lends itself well to the development of other products such as beverages, baked goods, confectioneries and sauces. 

Customer Benefits

This technology will enable food companies to ride the "health and wellness wave" and offer more product choices, especially healthier ones to the consumers without compromise on taste and texture.

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