Customized Formulation for Secured Scalable Food Production

Technology Overview

The technology offers food establishments customized formulation that will enable them to scale up their food production. Micro-ingredients such as enzymes are used in the formulation to ensure food produced are consistent in terms of quality and characteristics, a critical factor for products produced in multiple locations with varying environmental conditions. This technology also enables food establishments to protect their recipe formulation from being replicated, thus allowing safe distribution across its facilities.

Technology Features & Specifications

Micro-ingredient systems The solution offers application of micro-ingredient technology that enables food establishments to enhance their production processes and finished products. Use of specific micro-ingredients such as enzymes as part of the formulation enables finished products to have improvements in terms of taste, better crumb texture and softness. The production process is both cost-effective, environmentally sustainable and label friendly. IP protection The IP protection process creates a customized composition of ingredients that cannot be replicated, thus protecting the establishment’s recipe. This customized composition enables food establishments to scale up their food production and secure distribution systems.

Potential Applications

Micro-ingredient systems Micro-ingredient systems can be tailored to best meet the needs of individual markets and customers. These micro-ingredients can serve as building blocks with specific functions tocompounding ingredients with broader functions. These micro-ingredients include enzymes systems, concentrates, and mixes that encompassfunctional performance characteristics, raw material varieties, flavour profiles, processing parameters. IP protection Protects product formulations that are integral to the core services of businesses and overall long-term viability in the following scenarios • For food entrepreneurs who are thinking of expanding and protecting their business • Solves franchising challenges by maintaining consistent product quality and characteristics globally • For businesses that want to grow globally by working with OEM partner or setting up manufacturing facilities overseas

Customer Benefits

• Enhance product quality attributes through Stability, Extensibility / Shrinkage Reduction, Tolerance & Strengthening, Water Absorption, Enhances Machinability, Product Volume, Crumb Texture / Softness, Crust, Shelf Life Extension. • Ease in supplying overseas markets • Solve franchising challenges by maintaining consistent product quality and characteristics globally • Ensure that final product quality standard is maintained, despite variation in skill sets, processes and equipment across countries

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