A Data-Driven Career Knowledge Exploration Framework and System

Technology Overview

Today’s job market sees rapid changes due to technology and business model disruptions. To fully tap on one’s potential in career development, one has to acquire job and skill knowledge through working on different jobs or seek consultation with career coaches who are trained to offer career advice in various industry sectors.

Our technology is a data driven career knowledge exploration framework and system which senses publicly available web data related to jobs & careers and creates a knowledge graph of jobs, skills and careers to be easily explored and acquired by its users.

Technology Features & Specifications

Our technolgy enables users at several stages of career, to explore this knowledge at ease via interactive search, easy navigation, bookmarking of information entities and personalized suggestions. We have also introduced a career path generation module, to return relevant career paths to the users.

Our commerical-ready API service consists of a number of web services that support search and retrieval of job and skill-related information learned from user profile data. The APIs can be easily incorporated into any application and also return new results when the background knowledge is updated.

Potential Applications

Our technology is applicable in the following industries:

  • Human Resources: To help career coaches and HR professionals to keep updated with the changes in their relevant industries and educate their potential customers to seek their target job.
  • Education: To help first-time job seekers explore available jobs and identify the skills required for the jobs that might be of interest to them.

Customer Benefits

Our technology will be useful for the following types of users:

  • Career Coaches: To help career coaches to keep updated with the changes in the jobs for various industries.
  • Working professionals: To help them move up the career ladder or switching career tracks by identifying skills to pick up before applying for their target jobs.
  • Students and Job Seekers: To help them determine jobs that might interest them, associated job titles, and skills to secure those jobs.

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