Decentralised Electrochemical Production of Hydrogen Peroxide

Technology Overview

Hydrogen peroxide has a wide range of applications, such as in bleaching of fibres in the paper, pulp and textile industries, disinfection, the production of chemicals, soil remediation, and it is also used in water treatment processes. Currently, hydrogen peroxide is produced in localized large plants through a low-efficiency chemical transformation. The product is then distributed to various locations, which can be challenging and costly, due to the corrosive properties of hydrogen peroxide. The proposed technology is a decentralized electrochemical production of hydrogen peroxide from air or oxygen and water. Particularly, the developed process consumes electricity as a reactant to drive the transformation of oxygen and water into hydrogen peroxide in an electrolyser with a high selectivity and efficiency. Usually, such a process results in production of hydrogen peroxide in electrolytes containing various salts, whereas the proposed technology allows for a production of salt free aqueous hydrogen peroxide. Such hydrogen peroxide solutions can be produced at any scale and location with minimal requirements on resources. The technology enables decentralized production, resulting in alleviation of such logistics costs and hazards.

Technology Features & Specifications

The developed process allows production of hydrogen peroxide electrochemically in a solution of wide range of pH, from acidic to neutral to basic. However, the product is in-situ recovered into pure water. Renewable energy and feedstock can be used in such a process making it sustainable as depicted in the figure. The concept is proven in the lab.

Potential Applications

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the cleanest, most versatile chemicals available. Due to its beneficial properties, it is used in a broad variety of application areas. It breaks down into water and oxygen, and is more environmentally friendly than chlorine-based bleaches. There are a wide range of applications including sterilization in aseptic packaging, chemical oxidizing agent, cosmetics & medicine, electronics manufacturing, environmental applications, food processing, mining, pulp & paper industry, textile bleaching and fuel for transportation. The market for hydrogen peroxide is growing by more than 5% a year, prompted by the increased interest in sustainable solutions. The process is relatively simple, efficient and highly selective. This results in significant savings in production costs, energy consumption and waste production.

Market Trends and Opportunities

The developed process has high potential replacing bulk production of hydrogen peroxide and allows local decentralized production at any scale and any location, with only requirements of electricity, oxygen/air and water as reactants.

Customer Benefits

The main advantages electrochemical conversion has to offer is selective and efficient transformation, high resource efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and the use of ambient conditions for the transformations. Furthermore, the process can be done on-site, which alleviates logistics costs, and allows for specifically adjusting parameters as concentration, production capacity, etc. to optimally fit the user’s needs.

The technology provider offers a rich expertise in development of electrochemical processes for production of other fine and bulk chemicals if required.

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