Deploy AI in industrial Operations in Weeks

Technology Overview

A French technology provider helps industries dramatically improve their operational efficiency thanks to artificial intelligence. Their platform makes it possible to deploy AI-trained industrial bots in the heart of factories. These bots continuously and autonomously optimize processes and operate machines.  

The result of several years of R & D, the solution is a cloud-to-edge Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform that manages the life cycle of these industrial bots: training, deployment, and autonomous operation. By relocating decision making in factories, and automating it with AI, the solution dramatically reduces the costs and time required to fulfil the promises of Industry 4.0.

Technology Features & Specifications

At a high level, the solution entails three components:

  • Connect: A set of tools to acquire and gather data. The solution can retrieve data from sensors, industrial machines (using Modbus protocols or OPC servers for instance). It can also interface in real-time to various SCADA systems and there are interfaces for users to manually capture data such as maintenance reports, incidents reports and so on.
  • Analytics: A powerful data studio for users to easily create and maintain algorithms in Python or R, and a set of workflows to control the life-cycle of these algorithms and the associated datasets. These can then be used as AI agents to help operators make a better decision and automate processes even further.
  • Deploy: Integration and orchestration mechanisms to make sure the AI agents can be run autonomously and safely on shop floors and production sites. This also comprises seamless integration in third party applications at various level, including REST APIs.

Potential Applications

The solution has been used in production since 2014, and we are currently operating on five continents. Our clients range from small to large companies, where we help reduce operational costs and/or gain efficiency by implementing predictive maintenance, quality control automation and production optimisation using AI.

Customer Benefits

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase safety
  • Consolidate knowledge and share it more easily

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