Diffuse Energy

Technology Overview

We have developed a small wind turbine with twice the output of many comparable competitor models while also being quieter and safer.  This is achieved through the use of a diffuser and an aerodynamic cylinder that surrounds the turbine. We have developed special design algorithms that optimise both the turbine and diffuser in conjunction with each other. 

Our initial target markets are small remote telecommunications sites where our technology complements solar PV and batteries as well as the yachting market.  Due to higher power output and lower noise produced, we can generate much of the required power needed by these customers.

Technology Features & Specifications

Our initial product is a 900mm turbine with a rated output of 186W at 10m/s wind speed.  Due to the diffuser, there is a much lower risk of coming into contact with the blades and so the turbine is inherently safer for use in areas where there is pedestrian activity.  In addition, the diffuser interrupts many of the noise producing vortices from the blades and makes it much quieter that an open bladed turbine.  This quietness is of particular interest to yacht and caravan owners.

Potential Applications

Our initial 900mm turbine will be perfect for small telecom sites as well as yachting.  In the future, we will make a larger turbine with an output of ~1kW that will be useful for residential and small industrial.  Further into the future, a 5kW version for the larger industrial applications.

Customer Benefits

Customers will have a better $/W payback than technologies from our comparable competitors, as well as having a quieter and safer wind turbine.

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