Digital Texture Glass

Technology Overview

Conventional textured and patterned glass are often limited in design, and require investments in various tooling and inventory as direct consequences of the traditional manufacturing methods.

An innovative technology for manufacturing of textured, patterned, and painted glass was developed to address these. Based upon an inkjet method, textured designs can be created on glass from digital design files. In addition, multiple design features such as multi-colour, multi-gradient tinting can also be created on a single piece of glass.

This technology allows full flexibility in designing decorative features on the glass substrate without compromising the glass properties, and can be used on all types of glass.

Technology Features & Specifications

The technology utilises drop-on-demand inkjet technology, and proprietary resin ink formulations to create high-resolution print quality on glass. This avoids the need for special tools required to create new designs and allow for design flexibility.

By modifying the printing parameters and ink formulation, multiple design features such as textures, colours, tints, and opacity can be created on a single glass piece.

This method works on all types of glass and can be used to create textures on both the inner or outer surfaces on safety glass, i.e. tempered or laminated (PVB/EVA/SGP).

Potential Applications

Manufacture of Shower Screens, Furniture Glass Panels, Architectural Glass, Façade and Interior Decorative Glass, Automotive (Tinted) Glass, Glass Container, Glass bottles

Customer Benefits

  • High design flexibility and customisation:
    • Able to tint multiple colours and gradient on single glass piece
    • Able to create multi-colour, multi transparency level textured designs on single piece of glass(
    • Able to print patterned/textured designs on tempered and laminated glass
  • Digital environment and process – print and create designs on demand
  • Reduced inventory:
    • No tooling inventory required vs conventional textured glass manufacturing
    • Reduce stock of textured/patterned glass with different designs
  • Digital textured glass can be recycled as inks used are organic

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