Drug Delivery System Capsule Technology

Technology Overview

Conventionally, many active ingredients of drugs taken via the oral route are easily altered in property by gastric acid and the like. As a result, such active ingredients of drugs do not function as desired in intestine or other intended destination.  The present technology solves this problem and allows for maximization of the effects of drugs while reducing burdens on human body. This technology utilize the properties of different types of silica compounds to adjust conditions for the formation of capsules, so as to obtain capsules in desired shape and pore structure.


Technology Features & Specifications

The capsule has a surface made of silica and fine pores that penetrate the surface. The size of the fine pores is adjustable, and by doing so it is possible to control which ingredients can pass through the fine pores selectively.

Since silica is resistant to acid and alkali, this capsule can deliver such active ingredients of drugs that are easily altered in property by gastric acid and the like to intended designation, such as intestine.  Overall, it is possible to maximize the effects of the drugs which are conventionally difficult to function at a particular part of the body.

Potential Applications

This technology is applicable to all conventional drugs taken via the oral route or through injection. It is also useful as a research tool to develop a new drug delivery system. 

Especially this porous capsule technology is applicable to:

  • Remove target chemical substance from lower digestive tract
  • Deliver functional macromolecular material like peptide


Customer Benefits

This technology can potentially offers the maximum effects of drugs which is conventionally not possible due to the alteration by in property by gastric acid. The technology also enable the delivery of active ingredients drugs to desired destination within a body, thereby contributing to the production of new drugs with reduced toxicity, improved effectiveness and reduced adverse effects. According to the conventional technology, only a limited kinds of drugs can be delivered by using capsules. It is conventionally not possible to cause reactions within the capsule by selectively introducing substances from inside the body. In contrast, this technology allows for the driver of wider variety of active ingredients of drugs. In addition, since silica capsules are insoluble and very stable, it is possible to use this technology to confine unwanted substances in the body within the capsule and discharge them out with stools.

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