Durable Super-Hydrophilic Coating for Anti-Fog and Self-Cleaning Applications

Technology Overview

Common glass surfaces of windows and mirrors will fog up under humid conditions and require frequent cleaning due to dirt accumulated from rain and water droplets. Our technology is a coating on glass and plastic that can be deposited from solution. Due to its super-hydrophilic nature, it has anti-fog property as water droplets spread out rapidly on its surface. In addition, it possesses a self-cleaning effect through the action of sheeting water that carries away dirt. The coating can be deposited and cured at room temperature, implying that retrofitting is feasible. It is also completely inorganic and scratch-resistant, which means it would be long-lasting and durable.

Technology Features & Specifications

The coating is deposited from a solution, via techniques such as spin-coating, dip-coating, and brush painting. It can be cured at room temperature. Upon curing, it exhibits good anti-scratch properties with a pencil hardness of 9H on glass. It is also super-hydrophilic, as evidenced by a water contact angle close to 0°. Light transmission in the UV and visible range is above 95%, hence the coating does not affect optical clarity. Since it is completely inorganic, it does not suffer from weathering and UV aging like organic paints, and this property combined with its high pencil hardness makes the coating very durable. Being able to be cured at room temperature is also very attractive since it can be retrofitted onto existing surfaces and building structures.

Potential Applications

The coating could be applied onto surfaces for which optical transparency is important to keep them from fogging up, such as car windows, optical lenses, and mirrors. It could also be applied onto the exterior of building windows, solar cell glass panels, and bathroom glass partitions for its self-cleaning effect to reduce the manpower and time needed for cleaning and maintenance.

Customer Benefits

  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Can be deposited and cured at room temperature, suitable for retrofitting
  • Reduce cleaning and maintenance

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