e-Paper Displays and Industrial IoT Sensor Platform

Technology Overview

Low-cost,"zero" power displays are currently non-existent in the market.Additionally, low-cost IoT-enabled sensors with displays are also non-existent. We have developed alow-cost and battery-less display, nowavailable for retail electronic shelf labels. We have also developedan asset-tracking tag technology that can incorporate a wide range of sensors. By combining these three pieces of technology (display, asset-tracking tag, and sensors), we are able to provide an IoT product like none other: an IoT sensor tag incorporating a "zero" power display showing both the data collected by the sensor along with critical information about the sensor (e.g., battery level, sensor status, connectivity, etc.).

Technology Features & Specifications

e-Paper display A battery-less display - the display requires no battery at all, and can be changed via a simple dongle. The data can be secured by implementing Bluetooth or Wifi connectivity to a 'back-end' database management system; Very low cost - the display technology is highly affordable, lowering the barrier to entry for businesses to implement IoT solutions (e.g., in electronic shelf labels, in inventory management systems, etc.) Wireless communication (optional) - if desired, the displays can be updated remotely as and when needed byincorporating wireless technology into the display. Sensors Bluetooth mesh networking - the base unit housing the sensor is capable of meshing with nearby units, creating a sensor network that is highly scalable; Low cost sensors - the solution offered by us is highly affordable; Sensors incorporating a "zero" power display - a new product not yet seen in the IoT space: a sensor with an e-Paper display, at an affordable price; Low power sensors - increasing the lifespan of sensor deployment; Real-time tracking and monitoring - a sensor network that is spatially relevant.

Potential Applications

Electronic shelf labels - for supermarkets and retailers; Factory/Retail/Agriculturalautomation - enhancing inventory management systems across a wide spectrum; Asset tracking - know where your valuable stock items are; Building energy monitoring - measure and manage the energy footprint of your developments; Healthcare - enhancing patient care and making criticalinformation available in real-time; Environmental/noise monitoring - know your limits, and manage your activities remotely and in compliance with relevant regulations; Advertising - stand out by implementing new ways of having customers interactwith you and yourproduct/service; Any application where real-time display of mission-critical data in a highly-portable format is desired, at an affordable price.

Customer Benefits

Low-cost customized solutions for business owners. Increased productivity by implementation of automated systems, including automatic inventory monitoring and pricing management. Enhanced and automated compliance with environmental and WHS regulations, minimizing the need for manpower and oversight in this area. Lowering the barrier to implementing IoT solutions, whether in business, government, healthcare, or in the home.

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